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10.7.2015 / AVES PLUS

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Bezpečnostní agentura AVES

AVES Plus spol. s r.o

Deals with providing comprehensive security services in the Czech Republic. The main services include physical security of persons and property (the security guard, doorman, receptionist, CCTV camera man) and the services of detectives.

We will provide you physical guarding of persons and property!!!

AVES Group spol. s r.o

Provides professional electronic security, including access to centralized security counter, monitoring and security of vehicles and transport of money. We also provide installation, repairing, inspection and testing of electronic equipment.

We are experts on everything related to security technology!!!

AVES Servisní a.s.

Specializes in facility and pro- perty management. We provide professional cleaning services, property management and as a bonus we are able to provide these services under the so-called indemnification, including ensuring physical security.

We offer cleaning and janitress services under indemnification!!!